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As you know we are the ONLY bike shop in Northern Lancaster county selling Trek Bicycles!

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Mountain Biking is for Everyone!

Mountain biking is for everyone. You can be slow, you can be fast, you can be experienced, you can want a new challenge, you can simply want to be around friends.

Whatever you want to get out of it, mountain biking gives more in return. Whatever level of ability, mountain biking changes lives.

We are the ONLY bike shop in Northern Lancaster county selling Trek Bicycles!

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One Saddle for All

Ajna: One Saddle for All

The Ajna is the cutout saddle that every serious rider can appreciate. Built to be at home on either your road or mountain bike in an aggressive Posture 2 position, the Ajna shape offers women riders increased stability at the nose and better pressure distribution throughout.

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Émonda ALR: Lightweight Aluminum Perfection

Every detail of the Émonda line serves the same audacious goal: to create the lightest line of production road bikes ever offered.

Built with unmatched attention to balance and handling, Émonda ALR offers elegance on a new level, far surpassing the lightness and performance of many of its carbon competitors.

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Every Kid Should Have a Bike

Trek bikes fit kids great, right from the start. And because our Dialed components adjust along with growth spurts, you can dial in the perfect fit for years to come.

Every point where a young rider touches the bike (handlebars, saddle, grips, pedals) has been Dialed to just the right size. The frames, forks, and all the parts have been Dialed to fit kids right from the start, and to keep pace as they grow.

The same Trek quality you know and love applies to all our kids’ bikes. Proper fit and quality build mean easier starting, easier stopping, and safer riding.

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Slash – Enduro Weapon

Slash is designed from the ground up to conquer the gnarliest enduros, in a 29″-optimized package that makes this bike the undisputed king of the mountain.

Slash is built to dominate the most demanding mountain and ride with big 29″ wheels on an aggressively capable yet lightweight carbon frame. Throw Slash down the most technical descent and fly back up.

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Daytime Running Lights: Always On

“In order for a daytime running light to be effective, it’s got to be really bright. There are important aspects of the light that make it a daytime running light. Lumens are an important part of the light, but take a 60-watt light bulb, for example. That might output 800 lumens, but if you take that light bulb and go a long ways away, it’s not going to look very bright. In contrast, if you’ve got a laser that’s really focused, it might only output one lumen, but you can see it for miles away.

LEDs have a really wide beam angle, so we use optics to concentrate that beam angle and increase its brightness. Drivers have a lot of distractions going on. If you’ve got a steady light, it blends in with the surroundings. But if you’ve got a flashing light, it sticks out and really catches people’s attention. We’ve discovered that our flash pattern is a lot more noticeable.

Drivers need time and space to react. So we’ve determined that they really need 400 meters of visible distance in order to have that time.

To classify a light as a daytime running light, it needs focused optics, an interruptive flash pattern, and a visible distance of at least 400 meters during the day. We’ve got a range of daytime visible tailights: our Flare R is visible from over 2km away, and we also have a range of daytime visible headlights. Our Ion 800 R is visible from over 1.5 km away.

A is the most important part of the ABCs. Research has shown us that lights that are always on is the most effective way to increase your visibility during both the day and night.”

Author: ‘Trek Bicycles’